Reinstatement Cost Assessment

For insurance purposes, it is important to maintain an up-to-date reinstatement figure for your property to ensure that the level of cover is adequate.

We will inspect and measure the property prior to utilising industry standard BCIS reinstatement tables and data to provide you with an accurate reinstatement figure which you can pass on to your insurers.

Schedule of condition

When taking on a commercial lease, to protect your interests, it is important that you have a schedule of condition carried out.

This document details the exact condition of the premises upon assignment of the lease. It is then attached to the lease and can prevent you from being liable for costly repairs for damage or disrepair which was evident prior to your occupation.

Our schedules of condition include a number of photographs (often hundreds) to ensure accuracy and help prevent future disputes.

Specific Defect Reports

Nest Chartered Surveyors are able to use our expertise and range of surveying technology and equipment to provide you with specific defect reports for a range of issues.

New-build Snagging Surveys

In our experience, new-build properties can vary considerably in quality and workmanship. It is also not uncommon to find issues such as missing insulation and breaches of building regulations.

Getting a snagging survey carried out prior to completion will highlight any significant issues with the construction as well as highlighting the more minor cosmetic defects – all of which can then be addressed by the builder or developer prior to you taking ownership of the property.

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